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Who can play?

Our Special Tippman Laser Tag guns are adapted paintball guns that are safe to use by anyone of any age.

Where can I have a party?

Both our Laser Tag and Inflatable Shooting Range attraction are completely mobile and can be set up almost anywhere from a public park, to a school field, and even your own home. If you do decide to have a party in a city park or other public place, be sure to check with your local Department of Parks & Recreation.  They may want our insurance faxed to them, just let us know in a timely fashion and we will take care of all the paperwork for you.

Can I have my Laser Tag Party During the Day?

Absolutely! Our special equipment is suitable for both day and night and can be used indoor or outdoor!

Tipperman Gun



Get Started and call us now:

  • How do I get my party started?

    You can call us now at 714-508-3690 to check for availability and get your party going!

Bubble Bumper Suits

Our Bubble Bumper Suits allow you to bump into your friends without getting hurt! Do tumbles, races, play games and many other fun activities. Available with or without an arena. Also available for soccer games, we can provide goals and a referee. Ask us about Bubble Bumper Soccer League!

Bubble Bumper Soccer

There's a new game in town and its called Bubble Bumper Soccer. Played much like classic soccer, on the same field, it has one major difference that transforms it completely: the Bubble Bumper Suit. Entertaining to watch, and hilariously fun to play, bubble soccer is the most action-packed, entertaining, delightful to watch, safest version of soccer the world has ever seen! Goals, soccer ball and referee provided. Ask us about our Bubble Bumper Soccer League!

Task Force Laser Tag

Our mobile laser tag is an exciting, fast paced combination of hide and seek and tag enhanced with some high technology for the ultimate fun-filled game. Mobile means you can take it practically anywhere, from community parks, school fields, gym, parking lots, churches, businesses, or even your own backyard or street. Our special Tippman Laser Tag guns are suitable for all ages, can operate in day or night, any time of the year, and are 100% safe!

Mobile Shooting Range

Our Air-Soft Shooting Range is an exciting new activity that everyone can enjoy. Our fully portable inflatable shooting range can be set up almost anywhere. Challenge your friends and guests to beat your accuracy with this fun and unique new attraction.

Mobile Ice Rink

Our newest attraction allows you to skate across the ice all year round without getting wet or cold! Our mobile rinks are perfect for almost any location or event. Skates provided.

Mobile Ice Curling

Test your skills and challenge your friends or colleagues with our new ice curling arena! Available in two different sizes. It's the ideal attraction for any party, carnival or corporate/team building event.

Mobile Photo Booth

Experience the latest in photo booth technology with 300+ custom backgrounds specifically designed for your event. Prop boxes are also included with every photo booth to make your pictures even more memorable! This unique entertainment and pure fun of snapping instant pictures creates a magic that simply cannot be duplicated.


Radical Run Obstacle Course

This 'insanely great' obstacle course is a full 95 feet long with over 14 different obstacles to clear! Multiple inflattable rock wall climbs, squeeze throughs, tunnels, slides, inflatable obstacles and more! The perfect attraction for any birthday party, school, church, or corporate event.

Quad Bungee Jump

Our newest trampoline bungee atraction is the ultimate in F-U-N!! Kids, young and old, will love it and will surely be the hit of any event, festival, or special party! With four trampolines-- it's four times the fun! Experience the adrenaline rush as you perform gravity-defying moves 30 feet in the air.(1-4 person setup available)

Water Bubble Rollers

The Water Bubble Rollers were created for you to run, walk, float, flip, jump, roll, and play on water inside an inflatable bubble WITHOUT getting wet. A definite must for everyone at your next party or event. In your own pool or we can bring one, we can go almost anywhere with our inflatable pools! We also work with swim schools, public pools, resort/association pools, etc. so please ask for details.


Land Bubble Rollers

Our Land "Zorb" Bubble Rollers are great for large yards, parks, gyms, arenas and more! Available with or without an arena or race track.You can race your friends around the course or have a free-for-all match bumping into each other in the arena. We are the only company to offer safety nets to allow patrons to participate by themselves safely.


Paddle Rollers

Our Paddle Rollers are great for young children! Kids love propelling themselves around on the water. Available in two sizes!


Tube Rollers

Our Tube Rollers are tons of fun for all to enjoy! They are a mix between our Water Bubble Rollers and Land "Zorb" Bubble Rollers with openings on each end. Two smaller participants can ride in the same roller making it the ideal attraction for friends, families and couples.